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New York Yankees 7 - Boston Red Sox 3 - as it happened

8th July 2012

* New York Yankees take 3 out of 4 from the Boston Red Sox
• New York Yankees’ starter Ivan Nova improves to 10-3
• Boston Red Sox drop to .500 going into All-Star Break

Preamble: It’s difficult to remember the last time that the rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees seemed less, well, rival-y than it does heading into this year’s MLB All-Star Break. Despite winning the second game of yesterday’s double-header, the Red Sox are still 8 1/2 games behind the Yankees in the American League East. Boston (43-42) has struggled to keep themselves in the Wild Card hunt, trying to keep above .500 while key players such as outfielders Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford and theoretical closer Andrew Bailey have essentially spent the entire season on the disabled list. Meanwhile New York (51-33) weathered the early success of the Tampa Bay Rays and the surprisingly still relevant Baltimore Orioles, not to mention the loss of 2/5ths of their starting rotation in C.C. Sabathia and Andy Pettitte, to take firm control of their division and, once again, lay claim to being the best team in baseball heading into the break.

The good news for Red Sox fans is that there’s at least a new Pedro to root for, although scrub infielder Pedro Ciriaco doesn’t exactly have the same Hall of Fame pedigree of retired pitching deity Pedro Martinez. In fact, tonight’s prime time Red Sox lineup features very few ready for prime time players: I’m sure ESPN is excited to showcase such Non-Stars as Mauro Gomez, Daniel Nava and Brent Lillibridge. At least the pitching matchup features two recognizable names, with Boston’s struggling left-handed ace Jon Lester (5-5, 4.33 ERA) going up against New York righty Ivan Nova (9-3, 4.03 ERA) who received some serious Rookie of the Year consideration last year.

Who are we kidding? It doesn’t really matter where either of the teams are in the standings, or which names are slotted in the lineup, it’s still the Boston Red Sox at home in Fenway Park playing against the New York Yankees. What better way to end the unofficial first half of the MLB season? If the names seem a little different than normal, well that’s fitting considering that this has been a surreal half-season where a mountain-climbing, 37 year old knuckleball-tossing English major could start the All-Star Game, perennial MVP candidate Albert Pujols began his first season with the Los Angeles Angels doing his best Juan Pierre impression, and Washington D.C. may or may not be first in war or peace these days, but is very much first in the National League East.

Now, the All-Star Break isn’t actually the mathematical halfway point of the baseball season, but it’s still the perfect time to look back at 2012 so far. What’s been the biggest surprise of the baseball season so far? The biggest disappointment (we’re looking at you Philadelphia)? Who’s your choice for the best team in the major leagues anyways: The Yankees, the Texas Rangers, the Chicago Cubs? Okay, okay so it’s not the Chicago Cubs. Will Roger Clemens ever be invited to an Old Timer’s Game? Send us your thoughts, comments, and “clown questions bro” by emailing or tweeting @HunterFelt. First pitch is sometime shortly after 8:00pm EST.

Lineups: As I mentioned in the preamble, it’s not exactly your ordinary Yankees/Red Sox lineups tonight:

1. D. Jeter, SS
2. C. Granderson, CF
3. M. Teixeira, 1B
4. A. Rodriguez, 3B
5. R. Cano, DH
6. N. Swisher, RF
7. A. Jones, LF
8. J. Nix, 2B
9. C. Stewart, C

1. D. Nava, LF
2. P. Ciriaco, 2B
3. D. Ortiz, DH
4. A. Gonzalez, 1B
5. C. Ross, RF
6. J. Saltalamacchia, C
7. R. Sweeney, CF
8. M. Gomez, 3B
9. M. Aviles, SS

Pregame: Already we’re getting discontent from Red Sox Nation, starting with this tweet from Stephen Rains: “@HunterFelt For the love of all that is holy, I want a win and a Beckett trade. Loved 2007, but I also loved Nomar.” 2007 World Series pitching hero Josh Beckett has not been making friends of late, where he has paired inconsistent pitching with an increasing unpleasant off-the-field demeanor.

Perhaps the Chicago White Sox would be eager to make a trade for Josh Beckett? They’ve done fairly well so far with the last cranky veteran they’ve received from the Red Sox.

Around the League: A lot of other teams have already gotten a start on their All-Star Break. Here’s what’s already gone final this Sunday.

American League

Tampa Bay Ray 7 - Cleveland Indians 6
Kansas City Royals 1 - Detroit Tigers 7
Toronto Blue Jays 11 - Chicago White Sox 9
Baltimore Orioles 0 - Los Angeles Angels 6

National League

Chicago Cubs 7 - New York Mets 0
Atlanta Braves 4 - Philadelphia Phillies 3
Colorado Rockies 4 - Washington Nationals 3
San Francisco Giants 2 - Pittsburgh Pirates 13
Milwaukee Brewers 5 - Houston Astros 3 F/10
Miami Marlins 4 - St. Louis Cardinals 5
Cincinnati Reds 4 - San Diego Padres 2
Los Angeles Dodgers 1 - Arizona Diamondbacks 7

Wow, the Pirates scored 13 runs? Who are these guys?

Around the League: Meanwhile, in the other games still going on, the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland Athletics are tied 1-1 in the top of the 13th, while the Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers are scoreless in the bottom of the third. We’ll be keeping track of them as the night goes on, although I’m sure everyone involved in the Mariners/A’s game probably is ready to go home by now.

Yankees 0 Red Sox 0, Top 1st: Jon Lester throws his first pitch for a strike to Derek Jeter, and the final game of the All-Star Break is on it’s way. Jeter lines a solid single several pitches later and there goes Jon Lester’s no-hitter.

We want to hear from you! Tweet your comments, questions, dirty secrets and scandalous confessions at @HunterFelt or email them to

Yankees 0 Red Sox 0, Top 1st: Curtis Granderson hits an 0-2 pitch for a single and already the New York Yankees have two men on and nobody out. This is a problem that the Red Sox starters seems to be having this entire series during the first inning.

Yankees 1 Red Sox 0, Top 1st: RUN! Mark Teixeira hits a run-scoring double, and the Yankees tradition this series of scoring runs in the first inning continues.

Yankees 1 Red Sox 0, Top 1st: Lester gets A. Rod to pop up twice, the first’s just out of the catcher Saltalamacchia’s reach, but Gonzalez catches the second one for the first out of the inning.

Yankees 1 Red Sox 0, Top 1st: Jon Lester walks Robinson Cano to load the bases with one out for Nick Swisher.

The Boston apologist in me would like to point out that if that the Red Sox starters had a “reset” button option this series would look a LOT different. I’m sure Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine is lobbying Bud Selig for this.

Yankees 2 Red Sox 0, Top 1st: RUN! Jon Lester induces what could be a double-play ball from Nick Swisher, but “third baseman” Gomez’s bad throw doesn’t make it to Adrian Gonzalez in time and a run scores.

Yankees 2 Red Sox 0, Top 1st: The recently resurrected Andruw Jones, who has been killing the Red Sox this series, comes to the plate and strikes out to mercifully end the inning for the Sox.

Shane Bua has this comment about Gomez’s error: “I wasn’t serious about watching this series with Yakety Sax in the background, but I might need to, now. @HunterFelt”

Yankees 2 Red Sox 0, Bottom 1st: This 2 run deficit for the Red Sox is their smallest 1st inning deficit of the weekend. I would like to note that the New York Yankees are 8 1/2 games ahead of them. These seem to be related.

Ivan “Super” Nova is the Yankees’ starting pitcher tonight and he strikes out lead-off man Daniel Nava to start the bottom of the first.

Yankees 2 Red Sox 0, Bottom 1st: The Red Sox’s new Pedro comes to the plate to applause and gets a base hit off of Nova. That’s how you become an instant fan favorite.

Yankees 2 Red Sox 0, Bottom 1st: With David Ortiz at the plate, Pedro II: Electric Boogalo attempts a steal of second, the throw beats him but he avoids the tag and the umpires rule him safe.

Nova is more concentrated on Ortiz, the lone Red Sox All-Star, who works a full count, fouling a few tough pitches off, and then earns a walk from Nova.

Yankees 2 Red Sox 0, Bottom 1st: Adrian Gonzalez, who has been hot all series, is up next with Pedro 2.0 on second and Ortiz on first. Nova strikes out Gonzo, who is now 0-9 against Ivan.

Yankees 2 Red Sox 1, Bottom 1st: Run! Cody Ross, who has been mashing for the Sox ever since I predicted he would be DFA’d by August in maybe my most regrettable prediction of the year (so far) gets up with two men on base and two out. He pops up to Jeter and… What? Jeter drops the ball to the thunderous delight of the Fenway crowd. Pedro the Second scores.

“Yakety Sax” indeed.

Yankees 2 Red Sox 1, Bottom 1st: Saltalamacchia, who we’ll just call by his nickname Salty from here on out, grounds out quickly to end the inning. This might not be a crisp, quickly-played game my friends. Just a warning.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 1, Top 2nd: RUN! Jayson Nix hits a double off of Lester and then advances to third when Salty and Lester get crossed up, and Chris Stewart drives him in with a sacrifice fly.

Meanwhile: The Oakland A’s have beaten the Seattle Mariners 2-1 in 13 innings. The hero in Oakland? Traded Red Sox outfielder Josh Reddick. This has been a theme for the Red Sox all season.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 1, Top 2nd: Derek Jeter keeps the hit parade going with a single, and the hits keep coming in a different way as Lester bangs Granderson with a fastball. Runners on first and second now with only one out.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 1, Top 2nd: Jon Lester strikes out Mark Teixeira, who has spent the last few days getting in a verbal spat with noted misogynist and occasional Red Sox relief pitcher Vicente Padilla and then gets Alex Rodriguez to pop up to end the inning.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 1, Bottom 2nd: Ryan Sweeney, just off the DL, leads off the bottom of the second for the Sox by striking out on a slow curve that sorta catches the corner. Gomez, off of last night’s fairly improbable three-hit game, follows up with a strike-out of his own by chasing a ball out of the zone. Aviles decides it’s the cool thing to go down swinging too, and just like that we head into the third.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 1, Top 3rd: Adrian Gonzalez is out of the lineup. Gomez replaces Gonzo at first, and Nick Punto takes over at third. This must be an injury, because there’s no way that Bobby Valentine wants to get Nick Punto’s bat, or Punto’s anything really, into the lineup.

In any case, Jon Lester gets Cano out quickly ground out to start the third.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 1, Top 3rd: Nick Swisher hits a ball right at Nick Punto, which is exactly where you want to hit it because Punto has no idea how to play baseball. The umpires rule it a hit because apparently everyone in major league baseball really feels bad for Punto.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 1, Top 3rd: Andruw Jones hits a lazy fly to Nava, and Nix grounds to Gomez.

This is good opportunity for me to mention that again we want to hear from you. Send questions, comments or jokes beginning with “Nick Punto is so bad at baseball that _________” by tweeting @HunterFelt or emailing

Yankees 3 Red Sox 1, Bottom 3rd: Daniel Nava leads off to start the bottom of the third, grounding out to Jayson Nix. Pedro the Second tries to sell getting hit by a ball, but Angel Hernandez doesn’t award him first base. Instead he hits it to Derek Jeter who misplays the ball. He’s gifted a hit to save Derek Jeter the embarrassment of a third error.

A tweet from The Vacationing Editor has been enjoying his time off: “@HunterFelt these nights leading up to ‪#ASG‬ are special. Taken in ‪#Pirates‬ ‪#Indians‬ ‪#Tigers‬ this week. Fun. Ready for business end of season.”

Yankees 3 Red Sox 2, Bottom 3rd: RUN! David Ortiz drives in the Second Coming of Pedro with a wall-ball double. Good news for the Yankees: Nick Punto is next.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 2, Bottom 3rd: Nick Punto makes a stupid head-first slide… That works and he’s safe for an infield hit that completely ruins a decent running gag I was planning.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 2, Bottom 3rd: I really cannot believe that Nick Punto’s stupid head-first slide worked. I hate, hate HATE that move, and this just encourages him. Somewhere Ken Tremendous is shaking his head. Ivan Nova is too cautious with Cody Ross and walks him to load the bases with one out.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 2, Bottom 3rd: Ivan Nova strikes out Salty so the Red Sox can’t score on an out and Ryan Sweeney grounds out quickly to end the threat.

Meanwhile, home plate umpire Angel Hernandez, which will surprise no one, is getting some heat. “Worst plate ump ever,” emails Michael Shaughnessy.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 2, Top 4th: It’s been an hour and a half and we’re only in the top of the fourth, which means that this is going just about on normal Yankees/Red Sox pace. Jon Lester strikes out Chris Stewart to start the inning off.

Meanwhile: The Twins have taken a 1-0 lead over the Rangers in the top of the sixth in the only other game still going on.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 2, Top 4th: Lester gets Jeter AND Granderson to strike out looking to make quick work of the Yankees. It looks like he’s getting into a groove here.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 2, Bottom 4th: After getting Gomez and Aviles to pop up on a handful of pitches, Nova k’s Nava who has nada.

Yankees 3 Red Sox 2, Top 5th: Teixeira hits a looooong lead-off single off Lester, expertly played by Daniel Nava.

Meanwhile my sometimes alter ego, former Red Sox manager Terry Francona is covering the game for ESPN. As “Toeing the Rubber” blogger Cyn notes on her Twitter account: “I think every Sunday Tito has said ‘those fans deserve it’ and ‘that’s going to be a fun team to watch’ about a different fan base and team.”

Yankees 4 Red Sox 2, Top 5th: RUN! Alex Rodriguez hits a triple to score Teixeira, and Ryan Sweeney, fresh off the DL, hurts himself on the play. It looks like he’s taken a knock in the head/neck area but he convinces the trainers that he’s okay to stay in the game. I’m not entirely certain this is really a wise decision.

Yankees 4 Red Sox 2, Top 5th: Angel Hernandez calls Robinson Cano out on strikes for the first out of the inning. Jon Lester then walks Nick Swisher, which brings up Andruw Jones with runners on the corners.

After thinking it over for a bit, considering that the All-Star Break is coming soon, it makes sense that Ryan Sweeney wants to stay in. The Red Sox outfield depth is so thin that they’d probably have to ask for volunteers from the Fenway crowd if something happened to an outfielder after Sweeney asked out.

Yankees 5 Red Sox 2, Top 5th: RUN! Andruw Jones, who is apparently convinced he’s back in 2005, drives in Alex Rodriguez and drives out Jon Lester. Scott Atchison comes out of the bullpen to relieve him.

Yankees 5 Red Sox 2, Top 5th: Atchison, who, thanks to an ERA hovering around 1.00 was a “dark horse” All-Star candidate for much of the season despite being stuck in the terribly unsexy role of middle relief, comes in to nix Nix.

Yankees 5 Red Sox 2, Top 5th: And, hey, it’s good for Fenway that Sweeney stayed in because he makes a fantastic catch to retire Stewart to end the inning.

Yankees 5 Red Sox 2, Bottom 5th: Hey, it’s Pedro 0.2 doing what he does: Get on base. This time Ciriaco laces a single to centerfield.

Yankees 5 Red Sox 2, Bottom 5th: Ortiz erases nuevo Pedro with a double-play ball, but Nick Punto (who in turns out, replaced Adrian Gonzalez because Gonzo is sick) keeps the inning going by getting a cheap hit and, more importantly, leaves me with at least two dozen “Nick Punto sucks” jokes that I can’t use.

I am taking it beyond personally.

In any case, Cody Ross strikes out to end the inning. To the sixth!

Yankees 5 Red Sox 2, Top 6th: Atchison is back out to start the sixth, he’s been one of the most valuable pitchers for the Red Sox and he’s their longman. That’s, again, one of those factoids that tells you all you need to know about why the Red Sox season has gone the way it has. Derek Jeter hits a single to rightfield off of him.

Yankees 5 Red Sox 2, Top 6th: The speedy Granderson beats out a possible double-play ball, and replaces Jeter at first. The Fenway crowd is getting listless and starts some chants, possibly suggesting that the Yankees may in fact not be very good at all, and possibly do something that a vacuum does. Atchison gets Teixeira to hit into a fielder’s choice erasing Granderson and then gets A-Rod to hit a harmless flyball. That’s what Atchy does: He gives you boring, uneventful innings. Which is great for the final score if he’s on your team, but not really must-see TV.

Yankees 5 Red Sox 2, Bottom 6th: Nova is out to start the sixth despite a rising pitch count, and Salty promptly strikes out for the 735th time this series. Sweeney hits a lazy flyball out, which leaves it all up to Mauro Gomez.

Some Guy Named Scott has this to say about the previous Red Sox pitcher: “@HunterFelt Just me or does Scott Atchison always look like he stole something and he’s afraid he’s just about to get caught?”

Yankees 5 Red Sox 2, Bottom 6th: And Gomez strikes out to end the threat. In the meantime my desperate pleas for comments to replace my Nick Punto jokes have began to work:

Matt Collins, for instance, feels my pain: “@HunterFelt Punto jokes have been my bread and butter this year. His recent success is not good for my Twitter game.”

Yankees 5 Red Sox 2, Top 7th: Atchison quickly gets Cano to hit a rocket right at Ross. Hey sometimes there’s luck involved here in pitching.

Baseball Prospectus writer Jon Bernhardt notes “the idea that Justin Upton might be available on the trade market considering the state of the AL East is terrifying @HunterFelt… Because as far as I’m aware the Yankees, Red Sox, and Blue Jays could all use elite corner OF signed through 2015”

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Top 7th: RUNS! Nick “Baseball Raffi” Swisher almost hits a home run, but the wind keeps it down and keeps it a wall-ball double. That’s two long flyballs in a row for Athcy, which isn’t good news. And as soon as I type that, Andruw Jones hits a no-doubter….

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Top 7th: Bobby Valentine comes out to relieve Atchison, one batter too late.

It’s about that time when it turns to gallow’s humor for Red Sox fans. Quixem Ramirez responds to my calls for humor material with this “@HunterFelt Make fun of any Yankee and it will be funny. 100% success rate. That and Carl Crawford jokes are pretty successful.”

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Top 7th: Mark Melancon is on in relief to face Jayson Nix who he gets to strike out and gets Stewart to hit a non-threatening flyball to end the inning but it’s been a costly one for the Red Sox.

Seventh Inning Stretch: And now the most notorious “stretch” in recent Fenway Park history. (Warning: Very juvenile.)

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Bottom 7th: Ivan Nova is out of the game, and in line to get the win, and Cody Eppley is in to face Mike Aviles, and Cody promptly walks Aviles on four pitches.

Wait, this means we have a two-Cody game, doesn’t it? Those can’t be very common these days.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Bottom 7th: Nava works a walk from Eppley. Pedro II: The Secret Of The Ooze is up next, ready to cause havoc with two on and nobody out.

And, just for kicks, Shane has one more Nick Punto related swipe: “@HunterFelt My friend and I have had a running joke all season that Punto is asleep 80% of the time. Explains the slide in to first.”

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Bottom 7th: Pedro II hits into a force-play, getting out for the first time. Yankees manager Joe Girardi is out and wants a new pitcher.

And since we’re talking about relievers, Tricia asks “@HunterFelt Is there some kind of a verbal feud between Vicente Padilla and Mark Teixeira? What’s the dealio?”

Yeah, Teixeira has called Padilla a headhunter and the somewhat piggish Padilla has responded by calling Teixeira womanly. It’s all incredibly mature as namecalling by two not entirely likable baseball players tends to be.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Bottom 7th: The sidewinder Rapada is in to face Papi. That’s a sentence that sounds way cooler than what it actually is describing. #TerrifyingIfLiteral

Girardi’s move works perfectly, as Rapada strikes out David Ortiz, and he makes another call to the bullpen. It’s David Robertson to face Nick Punto. Can I just assume the out and skip to the eight inning?

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Bottom 7th: Punto hits a liner to Derek Jeter. That was predictable.

Speaking on L’Affair Padilla, Kenundrum asks: “@HunterFelt Do you think Bobby V has the guts to drill Texiera in these final innings?” We shall see. I wouldn’t put it past Bobby Valentine, that smug bastard.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Top 8th: Melancon starts the top of the eight against Derek Jeter who will probably get another soft and/or cheap single to start off this inning. (My biases might be starting to bleed out here as the night gets longer.)

Instead Melancon strikes him out. Nevermind.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Top 8th: It’s Granderson who gets the base hit instead.

Wait, the Twins and Rangers are still playing? It’s tied up at 3 in the top of the 10th. I sorta feel sorry for them. It’s like having to stay after school for detention the day before Spring Break.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Top 8th: Melancon fans Teixeira which means it’s fairly unlikely that he’s going to be plunked tonight. A-Rod hits a scalding would-be base hit but guess who’s there… Pedro the Younger makes a hot-shot grab to end the inning. This kid!

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Bottom 8th: The Fenway fans finish singing along to “Sweet Caroline”, it’s… (long drawn out sigh) it’s a traditional thing that I’m too tired to get into, okay… which leads us to the bottom of the eighth inning. The Sox have six outs to play with here to get five runs. Make that five outs, as Robertson gets Ross to fly out.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Bottom 8th: Jarrod Saltalamacchia does NOT strike out! (He takes a walk instead.)

Yankees 7 Red Sox 2, Bottom 8th: Sweeney strikes out watching a pretty nice pitcher’s pitch, looks back at the ump in disagreement and walks off, leaving the inning up to Gomez. A Robertson pitch gets away from Stewart, allowing Salty to move up a base, but Gomez walks anyways. Two on, two out, and Mike Aviles is up.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, Bottom 8th: RUN! Aviles first fouls one out over the seats, just staying alive looking for his first hit… and he hits a big booming double that JUST misses being a three-run homer.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, Bottom 8th: Daniel Nava is now up with runners on second and third with two out. Nava’s storybook return to the majors, after his storybook entrance to the majors two years ago, has been tempered by reality the last few weeks. Nava hits a long fly, but it doesn’t have enough on it and it’s just a routine out. 2-3 weeks ago we would have had a tied game, but pixie dust doesn’t last that long.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, Top 9th: How is everyone doing? Let’s do this thing. We’ve got one inning left until the All-Star Break.


Bobby Valentine brings in Alfredo Aceves in for some work, apparently, despite being the most overworked pitcher on the staff. I don’t understand this man at all. Cano gets his work in too, by hitting a double. It’s a 15 game hitting streak for the Yankees second-baseman.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, Top 9th: Next up is Baseball Raffi (reminder that Nick Swisher recorded a Children’s Album here) who takes a walk. That’s runners on first and second with nobody out. Andruw Jones comes in with a 50-50 chance to hit a home run off of Aceves here (by my odds).

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, Top 9th: Ha ha ha… Would you believe a FOUL home run? I should get partial credit for predicting that.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, Top 9th: Instead, Andruw Jones just hits a sacrifice fly to advance Robinson Cano to third. I was close though.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, Top 9th: Jayson Nix and his short but still Scrabble friendly name comes to the plate and hits a pop up that doesn’t score Cano.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, Top 9th: Chris Stewart pops up and Aceves doesn’t do his ERA any damage. To the bottom of the ninth!

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, Bottom 9th: Rafael Soriano comes in to close out this for the Yankees, although it’s not really a save situation. He faces Pedro II: The Legend Of Curly’s Gold and walks him.

(Also Dewayne Wise is in to play rightfield. Hey Dewayne Wise, I totally remember when you suckered that umpire into thinking you caught that ball. Kinda awesome.)

Meanwhile, the Twins and Rangers are going to play forever and ever and ever, it’s never going to end, they will always be playing.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, Bottom 9th: David Oritz works a 3-2 count against Soriano, but strikes out. Pedro II is on second in what’s officially scored as “defensive indifference” which sounds what like Hanley Ramirez occasionally suffers from.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, Bottom 9th: Soriano walks Nick Punto which just strikes me as carelessness. The Red Sox have men on first and second with only one out. The Fenway organist does NOT play “After Midnight” which also strikes me as carelessness. Come on, have a sense of humor.

Soriano strikes out Cody Ross and the Red Sox are down to their final out.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, FINAL: Rafael Soriano strikes out Jarrod Saltalamacchia to end to the ballgame, and the Yankees have won.

Yes, I totally had that written out before it even happened. Can you blame me?

Yankees 7 Red Sox 3, FINAL: It took a little bit over four hours, as it tends to happen during these contests, but the New York Yankees improved their record to 52-33 and finished up the All-Star Break by taking three out of four from their main divisional rivals (even if they are now currently 9 1/2 games back). It’s really difficult to imagine that the Yankees could have had a better run than the one they went on for the last two months.

Meanwhile, the Boston Red Sox (43-43) go into the All-Star Break at exactly .500. The good news is that they should be getting some of their key players back and healthy, but it should be noted that their next game is on Friday the 13th so maybe they shouldn’t count on such luck. Although the division seems to be well out of reach, they still have a shot at one of the Wild Card slots. Right now they have to be thankful that Commissioner Bud Selig introduced the second Wild Card or they’d possibly be wondering about being sellers at the trade deadline. That’s not a familiar situation for this Red Sox team, at least not for their current ownership group.

So, that will wrap up the first-half of the baseball season from those of us here at the Guardian, although not apparently for the Twins and the Rangers who are still tied up in the 13th. Thanks everybody for staying awake with us tonight, and all those who contributed with their tweets and emails. Things are only going to heat up during the second half of the season, and we’ll be here to cover all of the playoff races. © 2012 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds

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